O thou daughter of the Kingdom! Thy letter was received. It was like the melody of the divine nightingale, whose song delighteth the hearts. This is because its contents indicated faith, assurance and firmness in the Covenant and the Testament. Today the dynamic power of the world of existence is the power of the Covenant which like unto an artery pulsateth in the body of the contingent world and protecteth Bahá’í unity.


The Bahá’ís are commanded to establish the oneness of mankind; if they cannot unite around one point how will they be able to bring about the unity of mankind?

‘Abdu’l‑ Bahá

Faith, Assurance, Firmness


If you wrote a letter to Abdu'l-Baha, what would you say?

How do you draw upon the Covenant to animate your life?

Can you do something today to promote unity?