framing & printing


Depending on where you live, there are a variety of ways to print these files.  FedEx Copy & Print, Staples, or ideally your local print shop can print pieces nicely.  If you are looking to frame this in a 2:3 ratio, no cropping will be necessary.  You'll want to print it at highest quality. 


Costco is also an affordable printing resource.  A 20x30" print being under $10.  You can also have them ship it to you.  Check it out options on their website here.


Custom framing gets very expensive, though beautiful and fully customizable.  Add a mat, any color, really spice it up. 


An alternative to a fully customized frame is to buy an oversized ready-made frame and get a custom mat cut for it at a local framing store.  Craft stores like Michaels and AC Moore can also cut mats to size.  So for example, if you wanted to print a piece 12x18" but had a frame that was 20x28", you could choose a mat of any color, have them cut a 12x18" hole in the middle (leaving a gorgeous 4-5" border around the edge). 

Obviously, ready-made frames are the most popular option.  You can find frames by size here.


Feel free to email if you have specific questions for your print!